Wine Club

Wine clubs are a great way for you to explore the ever-expanding world of wine. Wicked Cellars has choices for every taste and every budget. All clubs feature two bottles of wine per month; each personally selected by Wicked Cellars staff.

The World of Wine Club is the club for you if you're just starting your wine journey or if you crave a great variety in selection. Each month you will receive one bottle of both a red and a white wine. These wines represent a world-wide, world-class tour of wines.  $35 per month. 

The White Wine Lovers Club delivers on the name! If you want to discover white wines beyond the norm, this is the club for you. Every month two incredible bottles of white wine will be waiting for you to try. White wine isn't just "summer wine" … let us show you how expansive - and tasty - this category really is!  $40 per month. 

The Red Wine Lovers Club is the compliment to the White Wine Lovers Club. If you always choose a red wine, this is your club! Selected for you will be two bottles of red wine from around the world. The wines will represent the huge diversity of red wine and open the door to your ever-expanding knowledge of wine.  $56 per month.

If you are a fan of wines from the  Northwest, the  Northwest  Club is yours. Featured each month will be wines from around  Washington and Oregon. Your Wicked staff will select those wines which continue to drive the passion  for  our area's wines. You might receive wines from a new, relatively unheard of winery, crafting exceptional wines … or you might find wines from one of hottest names and reputations in the area. Whatever the selection, you can be assured they will represent the best from the region!  $65 per month. 

The Case of the Month Club is for the busy wine lover. Do you love wine, but really don't have the time to devote to shopping? Let us help you out! Each month we will create a case of wine, chosen especially for you and to your specifications.  $175 per month.

And if you really want the best, the Cellar Club is for you! Every quarter your Wicked Cellars staff will select two premier bottles of wines ... the very best of what we've found. This is the perfect club for those looking for special wines to grow your cellar. Pricing will vary depending on the selection, but will be approximately  $200 per quarter.

How Does it work? Wines are available to pick up or ship starting on the second Tuesday of every month. Credit cards will be billed on the first of each month. To begin or make a change to your membership, please contact Wicked Cellars at least five days prior to the first of the month.

Why join a club? The benefits!!!! Your  club wines each month will represent a 10% discount off of shelf pricing. You will also be invited to a free Club Tasting each month; designed to showcase club selections. On top of that, you will enjoy a 5% discount on all the wine you buy - all the time!  

Other benefits:  

  • Tasting notes are included with your wines.
  • 10% discount on additional current club wines, while supplies last.
  • 10% discount on Winemaker Dinners.
  • 5% discount on most wines, all the time!
  • All tastings fees are 50% off for club members.
  • Club members may bring guests to Club Tasting Night for just $10 per tasting, per guest.
  • Club memberships also make great gifts!!